This lesson shows how to develop a very basic MapReduce job in C# for processing by HDInsight for Windows.  Later videos will focus on specific patterns for MapReduce processing.

In Hadoop, MapReduce jobs run in Java, but Hadoop’s streaming feature allows the use of non-Java languages to write MapReduce jobs.  For HDInsight, Microsoft provides an easy to use MapReduce API accessible from C#, which is used in this lesson.

More information about the simple “SquareRoot” example in this lesson can be found in this link on CodePlex.

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  • Sathyan 3 months ago

    Have you installed Hadoop in Windows 8 for this video? If yes, can you please let me know how to do that? I tried to install Hortonworks HDP for windows in Windows 2012 Server but the some hadoop services are not starting.. Solutions in Hortonworks blog did not help.. Can you please direct me to a solution?

    • I actually have not. I typically use Hadoop locally within a VM on a server OS and do not install it on my client desktop.