Our VMs are checked out and we have our service account to run services with. Let’s go ahead and start deploying software.

The first piece we’ll deploy is SharePoint Server. We’re just going to install SharePoint–we won’t configure it. We’ll let the PowerPivot for SharePoint Configuration tool configure the farm for us. We do need to get the software on the disk before we run the SQL setup.


The first step to installing SharePoint is to install the prerequisites. We do that by clicking this link, and then running through the wizard. The prerequisite installer checks the VM (server) to make sure roles needed are selected, and if any missing patches are found, those are installed as well. You do need to make sure your VM is connected to the Internet because some of the software will be dowloaded from Microsoft’s web sites. If you’re not connected to the Internet you might miss some of these components.


At the end of the prerequisite installer, if you have SP1 on Windows 2008R2 and a reasonable amount of patches on top of that, you’ll get this error: “There was an error during installation. The tool was unable to install Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB976462).” You can consider this to be “normal”. To address this problem simply run the prerequisite installer a second time. The second time it will run through and succeed.


So the second run of the prerequisite installer is complete, and we now have an “Installation Complete” message. We can see the steps that second run completed. We can click “Finish” to clear that, and now we’ll install SharePoint Server.

The first screen you’ll get is a prompt to enter your product key. I’ll go ahead and paste in my product key here. Then click “Continue”. Accept the software license agreement, and then click “Continue”.


The choicer you want to make here–don’t choose “Standalone”. Standalone will configure a SharePoint instance that has an Express database and will not have everything we need to install our BI system. So we’ll install a “Server Farm” variant–even though we don’t have a big farm, this is the option we’ll use. Then choose “Complete” as the “Server Type”, and click “Install”.


Now the installation will proceed, and we just need to wait for the installation to finish up.


The software installation wizard is at the end, and we can see that what it wants to do is run the configuration wizard. We don’t want to do that because we don’t’ have enough software installed yet. We don’t have a database. We want the PowerPivot setup wizard to perform these steps for us. So clear the checkbox, click close. I don’t need the splash screen anymore, so close that as well.


There’s one more thing I’m going to do–and this is optional–but if you want to install cumulative updates after SharePoint SP1, you can do that now. I’ll go ahead and run the office server hotfix.


OK the hotfixes are in place for Office Server now, so all the code that we’re going to need to get SharePoint up and running is there, and we’ll now move on to installing SQL components.




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